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HME Filter

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HMEF(Heat And Moisture Exchanger Filter)



  Good humidification function

  Low respiratory resistance & low dead space

  Types for pediatric, child, and adult

  Breathing filters help eliminate the risk of cross-infection by preventing the transfer of bacteria and viruses to and from the patient

  Protect the patients and ventilators from cross contamination

  Package: 1pcs/pouch, 100pcs/Carton


  Reference NO#  Capacity      Connector             Moisturization

  HME201        95ml     22M/15F-22F/15M            Yes

  HME202        95ml     22M/15F-22F/15M            Yes

  HME203        45ml     22M/15F-22F/15M            Yes

  HME204        45ml     22M/15F-22F/15M            Yes

  HME205        45ml     22M/15F-22F/15M            Yes

  HME206        66ml     22M/15F-22F/15M            Yes

  HME207        92ml     22M/15F-22F/15M            Yes

  HME208        92ml     22M/15F-22F/15M            Yes

  HME209        26ml     22M/15F-22F/15M            Yes

  HME210        26ml     22M/15F-22F/15M            Yes

  HME211        99ml     22M/15F-22F/15M            Yes

  HME212        99ml       22M/15F-22F              Yes

  HME213        5ml      22M/15F-22F/15M            Yes

  HME214        5ml        22M/15F-22F              Yes

  HME215        5ml         15F-15M                 Yes

  HME216        95ml     22M/15F-22F/15M            Yes

  HME217        66ml     22M/15F-22F/15M            Yes 



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