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PVC Double Lumen Endobronchial Tube

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PVC Double Lumen Endobronchial Tube(Left side & Right side & Left side with Carina)



  Made of Medical PVC, DEHP free, transparent

  Used for one-lung ventilation

  High volume low pressure cuff reduces the pressure to trachea

  Accompanied with intubating stylet, suction tube & connectors

  Package: 1pcs/box, 10pcs/carton


  Size Reference NO#(Left Side)  Reference NO#(Right Side) Reference NO#(Left Side with Carina)

  26Fr        DLT0126             DLT0226                DLT0326

  28Fr        DLT0128             DLT0228                DLT0328

  32Fr        DLT0132             DLT0232                DLT0332

  35Fr        DLT0135             DLT0235                DLT0335

  37Fr        DLT0137             DLT0237                DLT0337

  39Fr        DLT0139             DLT0239                DLT0339

  41Fr        DLT0141             DLT0241                DLT0341



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