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One Way Silicone Laryngeal Mask

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One Way Silicone Laryngeal Mask



  Made of medical silicone material, non-toxic & non-stimulating

  Good biocompatibility

  Soft silicone cuff fits tightly with the throat

  Facilitates smooth emergence from anaesthesia

  Minimal haemodynamic response

  Reusable type can be used up to 40 times

  Package: 10pcs/box, 60pcs/carton


  Size    Suitable Weight  Reference NO#

  1.0      <5kg        LM1004C2

  1.5      5-10kg      LM1507C2

  2.0      10-20kg     LM2010C2

  2.5      20-30kg     LM2514C2

  3.0      30-50kg     LM3020C2

  4.0      50-70kg     LM4030C2

  5.0      >70kg       LM5040C2



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